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Lip Blush


My approach to lip blush is to enhance and amplify your natural colour and shape, giving you 24/7 defined and radiant lips. Using specialist techniques and gorgeous pigments to elevate your natural beauty. 


What is Lip Blush?

Lip Blush (also known as Lip Tattoo or Permanent Lipstick) is a professional cosmetic and aesthetic procedure that uses a machine similar to a tattoo machine to implant colour pigment (of the client’s choice) into the dermis of the lips, resulting in fuller and more defined looking lips.

Who can Benefit from Lip Blush?

  • Individuals with busy lifestyles who welcome time saving techniques 

  • Women (or men) who lack lip definition or wish to camouflage any darkness on their lip

  • Clients who lack symmetry on their lips

  •  Disabled / partially sighted individuals who struggle with their makeup routine

  • Those with lip filler who suffer from ashy tones due to stretched skin

How much does lip blushing cost?

Lip blush in Bristol with Blushdd.

For a full Lip Blush session in Bristol with Blushdd it costs £270 and £40 for the top up, however these costs can be split into 2 between the first appointment and your top up 4 weeks later. 

Our appointments always begin with a consultation discussing your aims of lip blush, colours and aftercare. if you have further questions please contact Olivia at 07932412015.

Please note in some of these images its immediately after the treatment, the colour will reduce by 30% for a more natural result.

Enhanced Beauty

Lip blush tattooing offers a range of benefits that cater to those seeking enhanced natural beauty and convenience. Some of the key advantages include: Enhanced Lip Colour: Lip blush adds a soft and natural tint to your lips, enhancing their color and vibrancy without appearing too bold or artificial.

Imperfection camouflage

Lip blush tattooing can help camouflage the appearance of scars or uneven pigmentation on the lips, providing a more even and attractive lip surface.

Professional Service

I provide accurate and honest lip blush tattooing services.I take pride in my attention to detail and ensure that every client receives the highest level of professionalism and care.

Bespoke and tailored results

Customizable Shades: I can tailor the lip blush shade to complement your skin tone and personal preferences, ensuring a natural and flattering result.

At Blushdd, we are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty with our lip blush tattooing services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the benefits of lip blush for yourself.

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